Thrifty Shopping Made Fun!

Thrifty Shopping Made Fun!

It’s finally here. A shopping portal for frugal preppers and homesteaders.

Flea markets, garage sales, auctions, antique malls and thrift shops

There is common principle when becoming more financially independent. FRUGALITY. This means breaking the typical “everything must be new” mindset. It means saving more and spending less. It also means being willing to shop in unconventional places. This can be done by combing through classified ads online or offline. It can also mean visiting garage sales, yard sales, flea markets,thrift shops, auctions and antique malls.

Why bargain hunting helps

Imagine if you could save 50%, 70% or even 90% items you purchase every year. This would be the equivalent of giving yourself a raise – without getting a new job! For example, less money spent on kids clothes means more money for food, fuel, medicine. Money saved is money earned, and can help you reduce debt. Additionally, disposable  consumer behaviors are contributing to the massive filling of landfills and garbage dumps. Being willing to recycle and reuse something that once belonged to someone else is definitely a small but important step toward sustainable living. Bargain hunting helps you personally and it helps the earth.

Cultural recycling made easy

I have spent many years exploring the online and offline “grey economy”. This is a place in the economy where people earn a little extra money by selling used goods (cultural artifacts). This allows me to get a sense of how frequently different “pre-loved” or under appreciated items appear on the market. Whether new or old, I’ve learned the art of haggling and negotiating on items I find. I also know that not everyone has the opportunity to get out and find super secondhand bargains.

By joining me on my bargain hunting adventures, you’ll be able to see some odd, unusual and even jaw dropping items. You’ll be able get some incredible deals for yourself, with me acting as your personal, virtual shopper simply by shopping on this site or by submitting your own “wishlist” items that you want me to watch for.

Ultimately, the goal of Secondhand Prepper is to save you money, and to inspire you to find ways to cut your own expenses by exploring a different kind of shopping mindset.  Whether you buy items on this site, sell your own items for some extra cash or simply enjoy the tips and photos I will be sharing, I know you will have fun. Let me be your guide to a simpler lifestyle and to a time in America when things were built to last.

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