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This is me

Joshua Sloan (aka Secondhand Prepper)

I’ve been a life-long thrify shopper. Ever since the age of eight when I spent 50 cents on a small banana-style pocket knife. I was hooked. It was the best treasure I had ever found until then!

Little did I know that from the late 70’s until today I would carry the love and fascination with junk shops, antique stores and flea markets and auctions. After years of helping friends “shop by proxy”, I decided to see if I could share and expand that experience to an online audience. And thus was hatched, the

What is Secondhand Prepper?

Virtual Shopping

Shop used merchandise online and off, with me as your Virtual Shopper.

Learn to Save

Experience live negotiations, haggles and deals as I explore the secondhand economy in my part of eastern PA.

Sell For Yourself

A penny saved IS a penny earned, but then so is a penny earned! Sell your own products in our online Shop & Auction marketplace.